Our community groups (formerly called teams) exist on each part of campus and meet regularly for fellowship, service and more! Each community group (CG) also has small group bible studies where you can grow in your understanding of God’s word and form deeper friendships with other men and women. Click the link below to find one near you!

North/West Community Group

A community group for students in Archer, Blackburn, Drackett, Lawrence, Mendoza, Norton, Nosker, Scott, Torres, Morrill & Lincoln

Northeast Community Group

A community group for students in Barrett, Bowen, Busch, Halloran, Haverfield, Houck, Houston, Jones, Raney, Taylor

South Monday & Tuesday

Our south campus community groups are split up by day instead of geography. Students can join whichever community group works better for your schedule!

Off-campus students are welcome to join whichever community group is closest or works best for your schedule!

Not sure which community is right for you?


New Here?

As a local church, we live life together in community.