Trip leader: Mike Malone |

Who: You! and Campus to Campus

Why: We shamelessly believe that God can use the weak and broken things of this world (us) to bring redemption and radical transformation. We also desire to follow in Christ’s footsteps as He came to seek and save the lost. So we are going to East Asia! We hope that through this experience God would stir each of our hearts to become more engaged with spreading God’s light and glory throughout the world.

What: An eight-week mission trip focused on serving for and alongside local churches. Main purpose is to share the love of Christ with those in East Asia. We will be reaching out to local universities.

When: May 18-July 10, 2020

Where: East Asia

Fall Dates

  • Application Deadline: November 3, 2020
  • Interviews: November 19-21
  • Commitment Deadline: December 1
  • Teams Announced: December 6
  • First Team Meeting: December 8 | 1-2:30p (Support raising preparation)

Starting after finals in December: Plan on doing 1-2hrs/week of support raising prep or work

Spring Dates

  • January 17-18: Retreat for Summer Teams
  • February 8 (all day): Team Training/Day Together
  • March 1: Parent’s Breakfast | 9-10:30a
  • March 21: Evangelism and Bible Training | 9a-12p
  • April 18: Logistics/Final Prep | 9-11a

Approximately $5700.00

The cost of the trip is determined by the price of the plane ticket, food, lodging and transportation in the country. (The final cost is determined by the cost of the plane tickets.)

How you can fund your trip:

  1. Support Raising

If you have questions about your trip finances or support raising, please contact your trip leader.

  1. Pray
  2. Talk to your parents/guardians.
  3. Fill out the online application by clicking here

Because of the security concerns for the full-time missionaries on the field, do not post anything about this trip on social media. Doing so could endanger their safety!