H2O Residency Program

The Gospel is advanced to the ends of the Earth through the local church.  It is within this context, the local church, that the next-generation of Kingdom leaders are to be trained, equipped, developed and eventually sent out.  The H2O Residency Program is designed to be a transformative environment for future leaders with a focus on church planting.

The H2O Residency Program will be a two year, full-time program, where residents will be immersed in the foundational elements of living missionally:

Theological Training – Residents will be enrolled in seminary classes that will culminate with a Masters in Church Planting.

Missional Engagement – Being immersed in missional living is a central element of the Residency.  Building relationships, sharing the Gospel, and Christ-centered discipleship will be a key aspect of the training experience.

Life on life Mentorship – Residents will be mentored by current campus missionaries with an emphasis on growing in Christ-like character, ministry skills, and doctrine.

Spiritual Formation The Residency Program is designed to foster an environment of deep spiritual formation:  being transformed and renewed by the love of Christ.


  1. Apply – applications can be found here:  apply.reliant.org.  Applications are due by November 29, 2020.
  2. Attend Training – Training will be on January 15 (beginning around 4pm) – January 18, 2021 in Columbus, OH.
  3. Fundraising – Residents will build a team of financial partners to help support their ministry on campus.  H2O, in partnership with Reliant Mission (reliant.org), will provide the coaching and help along the way.


Email meghan.winters@h2osu.org