The Gospel is advanced to the ends of the Earth through the local church.  It is within this context, the local church, that the next-generation of Kingdom disciples are to be trained, equipped, developed and eventually sent out.  The H2O Internship Program is designed to be an environment for recent graduates to grow as disciples of Christ while serving God’s Kingdom at Ohio State University.

The H2O Internship Program will be a one year, full-time program, where interns will participate in theological study, missional engagement, and mentorship from older H2O staff:

Interns will have opportunity to engage in theological study throughout the program.

Being immersed in missional living is a central element of the Internship Program. Building relationships, sharing the Gospel, and Christ-centered discipleship will be a key aspect of the training experience.

Interns will be mentored by current campus missionaries with an emphasis on growing in Christ-like character, ministry skills, and doctrine.


  1. Apply – Application link coming soon. Applications deadline Nov 27th for 2023 interns
  2. Attend Training – Training date for 2023 interns TBD
  3. Fundraising – Interns will build a team of financial partners to help support their ministry on campus.  H2O, in partnership with Reliant Mission (, will provide the coaching and help along the way.


If you are interested in the Internship Program, or if you have any questions, please fill out the form below. We would love to connect with you!

Or feel free to email Nate Timpe with any questions you might have.


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