Dear Parent,

I’m glad your student is considering h2o for our mission trip to Milan, Italy!  You, as a parent, and I, as the church staff member leading this trip, share a major goal:  your student’s safety, health, and general well being. Please know that we’re taking every precaution we can to ensure all students have a positive experience.  If you have any questions, or would simply like to introduce yourself, We’d love to speak with you! Feel free to call our personal phone anytime, [(734) 709-9882 for H2O OSU and (614) 571-1019 for Grace Point].  In the meantime, let me address a few concerns you may have:

We will be working with an established, experienced mission agency and missionary.  We are partnering with Great Commission Europe (, and Frank and Pam Apisa.  Frank and Pam Apisa originally founded a church (Il Refugio) in Turin, Italy reaching out to the university students there. After a while they felt called to move to Milan, Italy to do the same thing and founded a second church also by the name of Il Refugio. They have helped many teams of people run English clubs as a way to reach out to the university students in Milan.

You will never be completely cut off from contact with your student.  Though we discourage students from personal cell phone use to avoid unexpectedly high cell phone bills; you can contact them via email, message or by using WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a free app that will allow you to text and call your student using WiFi. Most of the day they won’t have access to WiFi and will be busy but in the evenings they will have WiFi and some time which will allow contact.

If you have more questions, I’d love to hear from you! An open door for communication between you, your student, and us, the church leadership, is one of the keys to everyone having a safe and successful trip.  We’re committed to making sure that door is always open.


Mike Malone

H2O Ohio State University and Missions Pastor



Terry Lewis

Grace Point Community Church

(614) 571-1019