Do you know what is, according to the Bible, one of the biggest challenges to having a life of peace and joy and good relationships with God and others? Money! How we use money, even how we think about money, can make or break us, and powerfully affect the lives that we touch. God wants to help us to get control of money so that it doesn’t get control of us, so that it is a blessing in our lives instead of a curse, something we are always living in fear of.
That is why we are hosting a Personal Financial Management seminar on May 19, 2018, from 9am-12pm. We will cover two main topics based on the Bible: the truth about money, and practical methods/tools for living out that truth.
If you have never been through a Biblical personal financial management course, this is perfect for you! If you have, then this could be a great refresher! If you know a lot about financial management, but have never heard a Biblical perspective on it, this would also be great for you!
All you need to bring is your Bible, a notebook, a calculator, and pen/pencil. It would also help if you could bring some info about your current income and expenses. That info will only be for your use as you consider your own financial situation.
Click this link to Register by May 16th!