Graduating Seniors Workshop

Calling all seniors! Some of you may know where you’re headed after here, and many of you have no clue. You may feel nervous, excited, or both. No matter what your emotions or post-college plans are, each of you will ultimately face graduation day. We want to help you prepare – for that day, but also for the days, months and years that follow. Through our year-long senior program, we’re hoping to help you be prepared and equipped to thrive spiritually in your transition out of college!

To help you process throughout the year, we will meet once a month in a workshop-style format. It’s a time to come together with other seniors, and learn from other alumni that have come before you. Wherever you’re going next, wherever you find yourself a year from now – your H2O family wants to see you off on your next adventure!

Who: Graduating seniors (winter or spring)
When: 6 workshops on Mondays / Tuesdays from 7-9pm over the course of the year
Where: H2O building
How: RSVP on the signup form for as many as you can come to (registration required)
Why: To help seniors be prepared and equipped to thrive spiritually in their transition out of college

Feel free to come to as many of the workshops as you would like, but they will all be on different topics so we encourage you to come to them all! We’re even offering each workshop twice so that you can hopefully attend every one. Registration is required but all of the workshops are free…sign up below!

Sign up below!