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Vivake Baranwal

vivakebaranwal1Vivake was raised Hindu, but fell in love with Jesus at the end of high school when he saw his need for Him. At OSU, Vivake majored in Biology, and God grew in him a passion for ministry and coaching football. After spending a few seasons as a football assistant at Ohio State & Kent State, Vivake decided to do ministry full-time! Vivake is excited to be on staff with H2O because Jesus Christ changed his life; and he wants others to experience the love, joy & forgiveness found in a relationship with God.

Vivake has seen God’s grace in his own life in many ways. One of the biggest ways is thru his wife Erica. The two were married in May of 2015, and she is truly Vivake’s better half. If you meet Erica, you will quickly realize she is brilliant, witty, compassionate, & strikingly beautiful. On the flip-side, Vivake has an uncanny ability to remember facts about players for the Cleveland Browns & Cavs. With their gifts combined, they make a great team. 

In case you’re having trouble with his name, it’s pronounced “viv” – “ake” and it rhymes with “cake”. If that’s too hard, he also responds to “Vake” or “V”. One of his personal favorites is “Earthquake Vivake” but no one seems to call him that.

Jeremy Borsos

Kathy Borsos

Jeremy and Kathy BorsosAlthough they grew up in houses less than a half mile apart, it wasn’t until more than twenty years later at college that Jeremy and Kathy met, twenty-five miles away from their hometown. Both of them followed very unique and differing paths into university life, but by the grace of God they found each other and were married in the Fall of 2007. Besides falling in love with each other during those college years, God was at work in their hearts in a different way. He grew in them a burning desire to love Him deeply, and also to share that love with others. God has transformed who Jeremy and Kathy are today, and called them to serve Him by ministering to college students at OSU. Their passion is to reach young minds with the Good News of Jesus, and to help them experience the love, purpose, and freedom of a life lived with Christ

Robbie Freeman

Robbie grew up in the suburbs of Cincinnati in a town called Montgomery. He began attending The Ohio State University in 2013, and graduated with a marketing degree from the Fisher College of Business in 2017. Robbie grew up going to church every single week, but during that first year at Ohio State, Robbie saw the places he tried to find value consistently failed to satisfy him. It led him to h2o, and to the Fall Retreat a few weeks later. At Fall Retreat, Robbie experienced the presence of God for the first time in his life and accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior!

Robbie has since been involved with h2o helping lead the West team, simultaneously seeing how broken he is and how loved he is by the Creator. As senior year came around, Robbie developed both a passion to continue to minister to college students and to be a light in the works and financially-driven business world. He is excited to love and share the Gospel with men who are struggling to find where their identity lies as they navigate college, and to show his coworkers that their value is so much greater than a paycheck. He currently works as a merchandiser for Nabisco and has joined the staff of h2o as a Volunteer Campus Missionary!

Robbie loves any obscure sport, especially curling, and has undying loyalties to the Reds, Sacramento Kings (formerly Cincinnati Royals), and San Jose Sharks (No, he has never lived in California). He loves jelly beans, disc golf, Chick-Fil-A, The Incredibles and runs marathons from time to time.

Molly Goodwin

Right before Molly’s Junior year at Ohio State, a few students within H2O shared the gospel with her at Graeter’s Ice Cream, where she placed her faith in Jesus. God radically took hold of her heart and transformed her life! Molly interned for H2O during her Senior year, and after graduating and working in the business world for a while, she decided to faithfully follow the call to go into full-time ministry.

Molly gets a lot of energy from being around people, and she loves to spend quality time with friends exploring new coffee shops, hiking, or playing volleyball.

Lindsay Gottlieb

Lindsay grew up in a small town outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. She is the oldest of five girls so life was always a little chaotic. She put her faith in Jesus at a young age, but it wasn’t until coming to Ohio State that she learned what it is like to have a relationship with Jesus. Through her small group and time in H2O she learned more about the gospel and Jesus’ unconditional love for her. During her time in undergrad, Lindsay’s heart grew for the women at OSU. She felt the Lord leading her to pursue an internship with H2O after graduation in 2019 to help men and women grow in their love for Jesus and living out their role in God’s kingdom. 

Lindsay loves listening to others, coffee, blue raspberry soft serve, pugs, and watching a good Meryl Streep movie. If you talk to her about any of these things you will instantly become her friend. 

Isaiah Gray

Isaiah grew up in Liberty Township, about 25 minutes north of the city of Cincinnati.  He began attending Ohio State in 2016 and plans to graduate in the coming spring. Growing up in a Christian home led Isaiah to accept Christ into his life when he was 5 years old.  Isaiah got connected with H2O on his first Sunday on campus and has stayed ever since.

During college, he began to realize that, though he had accepted Christ into his life, his life did not mirror that decision.  Throughout the first two years of college the Lord continually refined Isaiah’s life, which culminated in his decision to attend the summer Leadership Training program in Winter Park, Colorado.  It was during this summer that Isaiah both rededicated his life to Christ and began to realize a calling he had to pursue campus ministry. After returning to campus Isaiah chose to spend his final year of college doing a year long internship with H2O.  His dream is to see a generation of men living vulnerably and boldly as disciples of Christ.

Some fun facts: He drinks coffee like water, likes pickles and mustard on grilled cheese, and has a lot of freckles on his hand.  GO BUCKS!


Diane Gress

Diane was born and raised in the small village of Shreve, OH on a dairy farm. She grew up milking cows, feeding calves and learning every obscure fact about dairy cattle you could think of. After graduating high school, Diane decided to attend The Ohio State University and majored in Agricultural Communications. Almost immediately upon coming to college, Diane became a part of H2O church at Ohio State, and that’s where God really got a hold of her heart. He began to show her what it looked like to have a deep relationship with him and how to live a life devoted and centered around Christ. During her last year at Ohio State as a student, God began to grow in Diane a desire to pursue campus ministry so that she could invest deeply in the lives of students at Ohio State, share the gospel with them and see them grow in their faith. After graduating in December of 2015 and entering into a year-long internship with H2O at OSU, Diane felt called into full-time ministry! Her deepest desire is to see God transform student’s lives through the message of the Gospel and to see leaders raised up in the church. A few fun facts: she enjoys miracle whip on tacos and cries every time she laughs (which is a lot), and, oh yeah, she can kick anybody’s butt at euchre!

Jessie Jones

jessiejones15Jessie was born and raised in good old Orient, Ohio where she enjoyed the simple life in the country. After graduating high school, Jessie decided to attend the Ohio State University, where God truly got a hold of her heart and life, leading her to a place where she could truly accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior. During her time at OSU, God grew Jessie in her excitement for college ministry and after graduating in 2014, she began a journey that led her to join H2O’s staff team in 2015 to reach OSU’s campus with the gospel. Other interesting tidbits about Jessie: she loves movies, the occasional run, cloudy sunsets, and reading at a leisurely pace. Oh yea, and she also hates chocolate.

Daniel Kriz

danielkDaniel was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas. Though he had strong religious roots and considered himself “saved”, the true meaning of the gospel eluded him during childhood and early adulthood. It wasn’t until he left the Army in 2014 that he began to understand what grace and a relationship with Christ truly entails. Since coming to OSU and getting plugged into H2O, God has done immense life changing work in Daniel’s life through authentic community, active discipleship, and constant heart softening. He’s given Daniel a heart for building into younger men and for seeing the gospel spread throughout the nations. From his time in the military and at Ohio State, Daniel knows the impact that strong God-fearing men can have in leadership roles and his hope is to fill that need both at Ohio State and abroad.

abbylewis15As a sophomore at Ohio State, the Lord led Abby to experience the tremendous power of His grace through the people at H2O, and she has never been the same. Once driven by the daunting lifestyle of achievement, she now rejoices that she no longer has to strive for value in empty places because her identity is in Jesus. During her last two years of undergrad, God grew Abby’s desire to help other women at OSU accept Christ’s grace for themselves. After graduating she followed the Lord’s call to pursue ministry with H2O, and for the last few years she has been working on campus to raise up Christ-centered leaders for the transformation of our world. Abby and her husband Nick enjoy playing games and sports, eating too many tacos, spending quality time with friends, and cheering on the Buckeyes.

Mike Malone

mikemalone15Mike came to church for the first time because he saw a poster on campus at the University of Michigan.  He loved the service and started attending a small group that discussed the validity of the Bible.  He was enamored by God’s infinite love and how it is so much better than any love he experienced before. He was struck by the freedom that was possible because Christ had died for his sins. All this led Mike to give his life to Christ. Right after that he met his amazing wife, Natalie. Together they have four wonderful children.

Before knowing Christ Mike wanted to change our laws in an effort to change the world. When he found Christ he realized that the best way to change the world is to allow God to change people’s hearts through sharing the gospel and living it out. This conviction led him into ministry. Mike loves being at H2O because he gets a front row seat to see God change OSU students’ hearts and to see God move in their lives. As a pastor he has the pleasure to help students engage with God’s heart for the broken and needy through leading community service, mission trips, and sharing our faith.

Aziz Nahhas

Nahhas16Aziz accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior during his junior year of high school in Beavercreek, Ohio. When he came to The Ohio State University in 1985, he joined a campus church much like H2O. It was there that God grabbed his heart with a vision for being a part of fulfilling the Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20. Upon graduating with a degree in electrical engineering in 1991, Aziz went on staff with Reliant to stay with his campus church and do international student ministry at OSU, and has been here ever since. Aziz specializes in helping non-Christians read and understand the Bible in order that they may be saved, and in helping believers understand and apply the Bible to their lives to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. He has been married to Heather for more than 20 years, and they have three sons: Nathan, Andrew and Josiah. Aziz enjoys movies, reading fiction, board games, playing the guitar, photography, and doing anything with Heather and their boys.


Alexa Van Dyck

Alexa grew up in a small town, Christian home, but truthfully she never quite understood the Gospel. When she got to The Ohio State University she quickly became the “over-involved kid” on campus trying to find worth in what OSU could offer. After dabbling in the party scene and trying to fill an ever-present void, she hopped on a plane to Colorado the summer after her sophomore year to participate in H2O’s summer Leadership Training. (Mostly she thought it would be an opportunity to take cool instagram pictures.) It was in the stillness of the mountain air one morning that Jesus captivated Alexa’s heart. He gave her a new plan for her life: Full time ministry. She graduated in Spring of 2015 as an Alumna of Alpha Xi Delta Sorority.

Alexa is now serving as H2O’s Worship Director for both our 9:15 and 11:11 services, is a member of H2O’s Creative Team, and is reaching out to students in Greek Life with an Off-Campus student team.

Alexa loves coffee and following puppies on instagram.


Dave Orweller

Dave and Alyssa OrwellerAfter graduating from that school up north, Dave joined the H2O church planting team and moved to Columbus in 2008.  After leading campus teams for a number of years, he took on a new role as the City Director and for the last few years has helped plant our city congregation.  He has an awesome wife: Alyssa, and two energetic boys, Jake and Luke.  While not working or playing with the kids, Dave enjoys sleeping, or washing dirty cloth diapers… all other hobbies will just have to wait.

Sarah Pochatek

Sarah was born and raised in Orange County, California. She grew up believing in God, but didn’t know that she could have a personal relationship with Him until she was invited to a small group in high school, and when she was 17, she began to pursue a relationship with Jesus. However it still wasn’t until college that she began to really understand the gospel. Through her years at Ohio State and in H2O, the Lord graciously allowed Sarah to experience His unconditional love and showed her what it means to live in freedom. Months after graduating from OSU, Sarah felt the Lord breaking her heart for the lost students at Ohio State and giving her a vision for full-time ministry with H2O.

Sarah is passionate about raising up leaders and coming alongside women to help them embrace their identities in Christ. She is also passionate about consuming copious amounts of frozen yogurt and guacamole (not simultaneously though…probably), most flowers and flower-ish things, breakfast and hiking to see sunsets or bodies of water.

Kyle Riesenberg

Kyle grew up in a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio and attended The Ohio State University for his undergrad. Kyle put his faith in Christ during his junior year of college thanks in large part to his best friend and several other men on staff with H2O Church! Over the next couple of years Kyle took on more leadership responsibilities in the church as he tried to figure out if joining the staff team was what God was calling him to. Turns out it was, and he joined the staff team in September of 2012. He is extremely excited to be working in college ministry at OSU, and to be a light in the darkness for students who desperately need Christ Jesus! Kyle is married to his lovely wife Stephanie who works as a nurse at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. They have a wonderful son, Luca.

Kyle is a big sports fan with his favorite teams being the Reds, Bengals, Buckeyes, Wildcat basketball, and Manchester United! He enjoys playing sand volleyball and golf, where he also spends a lot of time in the sand.

img_0432Lisa was born and raised in Columbus in a loving Christian home. She naturally headed to The Ohio State University for college and got involved in H2O where she found a loving community, and became envisioned to share the good news of Christ with those around her. In 2012 she graduated and decided to join the staff team. She has a passion for helping people understand God’s story through His Word, and discover how we get to be a part of it! Lisa enjoys great conversation over a good cup of coffee, visiting new places, and crafting.

Jon Shah

Shah16Jon and Heather both attended The University of Michigan (don’t judge), where they fell in love with Jesus Christ and one another. Jon spent 20 years in Ann Arbor, as a student, engineer, campus minister and eventually became a pastor at New Life Church on April’s Fool Day, 2001. He has survived in ministry largely because of Heather (his wife of 20 years), large quantities of Diet Coke, and the grace of God. In 2007 he fulfilled a lifelong dream, winning an Intramural Football Championship at the University of Michigan in his 18th season. Looking for the next challenge, they packed up their 4 ridiculously good-looking children and headed to Columbus. It was off to The Ohio State University to help plant H2O, with a dream of reaching Buckeyes for Christ and bringing unity between the great states of Ohio and Michigan.



Randi Stechschulte

randizumbro15Randi was born and raised in the beautiful countryside of South Eastern Ohio. She came to OSU in the fall of 2008 and became involved with H2O within her first month on campus. She came to college with a shallow faith and little spiritual background, but a desire to know more. Over the course of her first year, God put a passion in her heart for Jesus and for God’s people, in the U.S. and abroad. Her life had been drastically influenced by the genuine love of the community and the desire to live out Christianity to the fullest. Over the past four years, Randi has been transformed by God and His word and desires to live this out for the rest of her life. Randi graduated from OSU in 2012, became a RN, and then decided to go on staff with H2O, looking to mix her passions for full-time ministry and nursing into one.

Randi loves spending time with others and hearing about their lives! So, you should share with her.  Some of her interests include: recycling, diversity, nursing, missions, sports, being outdoors, the country, laughter, and trying new things.

Brittany Sulainis

brittanysBrittany grew up in Columbus, OH and attended youth group every week while she was in high school. At the time, she would have considered herself to be a Christian, but it wasn’t until she attended The Ohio State University and joined H2O that she learned what it looked like to live a life surrendered to Christ. During her senior year at OSU, she prayed heavily about what the Lord would have for her next and realized how much of a passion God had given her for sharing the gospel with college students. After graduating in May 2017, Brittany decided to intern with H2O in order to begin using the gifts and passions that God has blessed her with in order to help college students learn more and grow as disciples of Christ!
Brittany is passionate about women’s discipleship and building an inviting and loving community where students at OSU can feel comfortable asking spiritual questions while also making close friends. She can be found humming random tunes at almost any point of the day, quoting Harry Potter, and also crying tears of joy every time she sees a dog.

Kyle Winters

Meghan Winters

winters15Kyle and Meghan have been in campus ministry since 2005 and 2003, respectively. They both had their lives radically changed through a campus ministry and hope to remain on this critical mission field for as long as they can and/or are allowed to play intramural sports. They have two amazing and beautiful children, Makenna and Jackson, who continually remind them of God’s goodness in their lives. Every year seems to bring new adventures, and they are excited to see what the future holds for their family and H2O!

Dustin Yankasky

Dustin grew up in rural Ohio and was always in church but grew up knowing Jesus academically instead of relationally.  After becoming a follower of Jesus, he attended Ohio State and graduated in 2007 after majoring in Japanese…you know…because it opens all those doors in life : /

Dustin is super blessed with his wife, Shauntae, and three little girls.  After moving out of state to church plant for 7 years, he moved back home because Raising Canes is life.  Jk.  But seriously.  He enjoys sports, movies, people…and basically anything that’s not a vegetable.