Slide13The Bridge partners with those among us who most need help – the refugee and the homeless – in ways that foster healing, dignity, community, and peace.  They teach english, equip refugees for citizenship, tutor K-12 students, prepare adults for the GED, host a soup kitchen and food bank, offer a free health center, sponsor a free legal clinic, host narcotics anonymous and have a community garden.

H2O partners with the Bridge on Monday and Thursday nights from 6:15pm-9:15pm for tutoring K-12 students. A new session begins the week of September 19th. If you want to participate contact Mike Malone at

Also, the Bridge is always looking for volunteers in all the areas listed above! If you have a passion or gift that matches some of the needs we want to encourage you volunteer!

If you want to engage with this community contact Mike Malone at

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