Our Community

As a local church, we live life together in community. At H2O, we do community in the city and on campus in what we call teams. Learn more & find your team at the link below!

Our Mission

We are a local church body committed to the New Testament emphasis of living life together, with a mission to love God & our neighbors, reach the next generation & send missionaries out into the world.


This summer we have a different rhythm as a church community on Sunday mornings. We’ll alternate weekly between Team Gatherings and a Worship Service. Learn more at the link below!

Current Series


This summer, during our Sunday morning services we are going to be engaging with the book of 2 Corinthians. This letter was written to a church in a culture with values very similar to ours today. We are excited to look at Paul’s exhortation to the Corinthians and think about how we, as a church, can represent Jesus and live differently than the culture around us to the glory of Christ.

What’s different about H2O?

We are a local church with a campus focus

You won’t be around long before you notice that we talk about the campus A LOT. That’s because H2O was founded as a campus-focused church & that continues to be the heart beat of our mission & vision.

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New Here?

As a local church, we live life together in community.