Our Community

As a church family, we live life together in community. At H2O, our Community Groups meet weekly on your part of campus for fellowship, discipleship, service & more! Find your Community Group at the link below!

Our Mission

We are a local church body committed to the New Testament emphasis of living life together, with a mission to love God & our neighbors, reach the next generation & send missionaries out into the world.


We gather together on Sunday mornings to worship together & connect as a church community! Our services take place at 11:01a in the Curl Viewpoint Room (above Curl Market on North Campus). Learn more at the link below!

Current Series

1 John

This year, as a church we are focusing on how Jesus is the Cornerstone, the foundation, of our faith. The letter of 1 John was written to remind a group of Jesus followers that they are secure in Jesus (1 John 5:13), and to exhort them in continuing to follow him.

Our hope is that as we read and interact with this letter, we too will be reminded of the hope that we have in Jesus, and encouraged as we strive to build our lives upon Jesus, the Cornerstone.

What’s different about H2O?

We are a campus-focused church community

H2O Church was founded in 2008 as a campus-focused church and, though our community has changed over the years, that continues to be the heart beat of our mission & vision. Our services and community groups meet on campus at Ohio State & our priority is making disciples of all nations through making disciples at OSU.

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New Here?

As a local church, we live life together in community.