There are many opportunities for you to use your giftings and passions to serve the body of Christ here at H2O! Click on each tab to learn more about what it looks like to serve in that capacity & then fill out the form below with your interests!

Maintaining existing web pages, keeping our announcements and facebook events up to date. We also need help with administering the volunteers and ministries in our church.

Through community service, compassion projects and other campus work, we will sponsor events designed to cultivate deeper relationships with the campus community and model the love of Christ. H2O needs men and women who will envision the church, and spearhead our service efforts. Find upcoming opportunities to serve here!

Event coordinators will be in charge of planning and organizing events including, but not limited to retreats, spring break trips, conferences, and community service events. Responsibilities include organizing collection of money, ride schedules, accommodations, food schedules, agendas and the like. Skills needed: organization skills, detail oriented and the ability to communicate well.

God has given us an amazing facility, and we need people to help take care of it! Anything and everything from cleaning to repair to random jobs. No skill required, just the willingness to get a little dirty and apply a little elbow grease! But if you ARE skilled, let us know and we can put those skills to use!

Greeter teams are responsible for greeting people as they arrive to church on Sunday mornings, collecting comment cards during the service and ensuring that people feel welcome at H2O. Skills needed: a warm smile 🙂

Parent’s love their children. However, they also love having a little break on Sunday mornings in order to focus during the service. If you have a passion for keeping an eye on the children of H2O during our Sunday service, we’d love to hear from you. It’s one part nurture, one part keeping them safe and two parts fun. For more information about the H2O Kids ministry, click here.

One of our dreams is to have God imprint on every student a passion for what God is doing throughout the world, and a commitment to be a part of it. This team will envision the church, and spearhead our missionary efforts. Find out more about current mission opportunities here.

Refreshments volunteers purchase and stock the snack tables at each service Sunday morning. Skills needed: access to a vehicle and the ability to make donuts look delicious.

For every service and retreat we need to unload, set-up, tear-down and re-load all of our sound and stage equipment. This involves moving things, plugging in cables and learning how to work quickly as a team. Without roadies, the church service would literally come to a standstill. If you want to be part of the elite team of individuals who lay the foundation for our worship service.

Slides technicians create and run the worship and sermons slides each Sunday. The same team also runs the stage and house lights during our service.

Sound technicians run the sound board and facilitate a good sound mix each Sunday. Skills needed: Desire to learn and good ear for music, but some sound technician knowledge is preferred.

Create and edit videos for any aspect of the church service. Skills needed: Access to video editing equipment and the knowledge to create good, visually appealing video for use within the church services.

We have a table in the lobby with information about our church, bibles and other resources to help answer people’s questions. We are looking for friendly faces to welcome guests and answer any questions they have before and after the service.

The worship teams lead the congregation in worship. They practice a few times a week and commit to arriving early on Sunday. Skills needed: singing or musical talent.


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