A Church for the Campus & the City

God has brought a handful of people together with a common vision. We come from different backgrounds, have different stories, with a wide range of gifts, personalities and interests. In 2008, a team was sent from the University of Michigan to Columbus to plant a campus church at Ohio State (because God has a sense of humor).  The dream was to see God raise up a community of students that would fall in love with the Gospel and catch a vision to impact their the campus with the love of Christ. God has exceeded any expectations of what might happen.  What began as a campus church plant at OSU has expanded into the city of Columbus…

Over the years, as students graduated and remained in Columbus, a city congregation began.  Small groups were formed for those who were recent graduates to meet together throughout the week.  As the small group community grew, the need for a city service became apparent.

We began praying for God to provide an off-campus meeting space to have a second Sunday service, in addition to the campus service at OSU, geared for those living in Columbus.  After much searching and waiting, we connected with Neil Avenue Baptist Church (NABC).  They invited us to use their building for worship services and we were thrilled for the city congregation to have a place to meet together on Sunday mornings!  As our relationship with NABC grew they informed us that they would be closing their doors as a church and wanted to give us their building. We are humbled and amazed by their generosity to give us not just one building, but three: the sanctuary for Sunday morning worship services, “the Annex” next-door that hosts our children’s ministry “h2oKIDS”, and a rental house that provides revenue to cover overhead expenses.

We are so grateful to God for his faithfulness to grow H2O from what began as just a handful of people into a church family with two congregations: campus and city.  We look forward to all He has in store for us in the future! Click here for more information about how to get connected to our church community.

About the name H2O

In the Gospel of John we hear a story about a very unlikely character. She was a Samaritan woman, with a broken life. No religious credentials to her name, no respect and honor from society, but thirsty for real answers. At a well, in the midst of her everyday life, she encounters Jesus Christ. She is looking for water, but Jesus offers something infinitely deeper. Infinitely more. “Anyone who drinks this water will soon become thirsty again. But those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life”

Throughout Scripture we see a pattern of men and women thirsting for something deeper and more satisfying than what this world has to offer.  Through the Bible we find the story of God revealing himself as the source of Living Water, the only one who can truly quench the heart and soul.

Our dream at H2O is to be an oasis in the midst of Ohio State and Columbus— that people would get a taste of the One that satisfies.


New Here?

As a local church, we live life together in community.