The goal of the Premarital Discipleship course is to teach engaged couples what the Bible says about marriage and to provide practical tools to help them build a solid foundation for a Christ-centered marriage.

Engaged couples completing the course will:
  1. Listen to 6 prerecorded talks.
  2. Read “Getting Ready for Marriage” and complete the accompanying workbook.
  3. Complete the online Prepare and Enrich Questionnaire.
  4. Have 3 meetings with their mentor couple to discuss the material from the recordings, book and workbook and the Prepare and Enrich Questionnaire in more depth.
If you are interested in registering for the discipleship course, please fill out the Premarital Discipleship Interest Form.

You may pay for your course materials via the payment form at the bottom of the page.

If you have any additional questions, please review our FAQs below or contact Aziz Nahhas (

The course is designed for those couples who are currently engaged and attending H2O. We strongly encourage for every engaged couple to participate in some form of premarital classes. It will be a beneficial investment of your time to prepare for one of life’s greatest transitions.

The Premarital Discipleship course costs $75, which covers the cost of all course materials and the Prepare-Enrich online assessment. You may pay for the course online using the form found at the bottom of this page.

Mentor and engaged couples will be paired by the leaders of the premarital counseling program. Factors such as age, life status, and affiliation within H2O will be taken into account when determining the pairs.

Mentoring sessions will be coordinated between you and your mentor couple. The time and day will be whatever fits best in everyone’s schedule. The only requirement is that you are able to finish the homework prior to your mentoring session.

Due to the limited amount of mentor couples available, we are currently unable to accommodate couples that are not yet engaged. An ideal time for an engaged couple to participate in the program is within one year of their wedding date.

The course covers 6 topics. These topics include: God’s design for marriage, oneness in marriage, communication, roles, finances, intimacy.

Not automatically: Couples are free to ask an H2O pastor to officiate their wedding! However, H2O does not guarantee that a pastor will be available. Couples are ultimately charged with finding a pastor who is available to marry them.

If the location of your wedding is two or more hours away from Columbus, Ohio, we do request that you offer to pay for the cost of lodging, travel and meals on behalf of the pastor officiating your wedding.

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